In 1968, some of the agricultural graduated from in and outside of the country; especially agricultural entomology engineers gathered and founded the entomological society of Iran. The first members of Board of Directors were: Dr. Gholamabbas Davachi (president), Dr. Mahmood Shojai (vice president), Mr. Firooz Taghizadeh Mottaghi (vice president), Dr. Morteza Esmaieli (treasurer), Engineer Abdolghafoor Mirzaiee (Secretary) Dr. Mohammad Safavi (member of entomology and related science), Eng. Ghodratollah Farahbakhsh (member of agricultural entomology), Dr. Nezamodin Ghaffari (member of medical entomology and veterinary), Dr. Hossein Sepasgozarian (member of pesticide sciences).

The Entomological Society of Iran is one of the oldest scientific societies in Iran and it is founded to improve the pure and applied entomology and its related science and to facilitates the exchange of information and ideas by holding scientific seminars, congresses, publishing the journal and newsletter of entomological society and the abstracts of the Plant Protection congresses, exchanging publications with the research institutes and entomological societies in and out of the country.

Election of the Board of Directors of ESI carries out once in a three years. At this moment, 18th period of entomological society activities (2007 - 2010) performs with the monthly meetings every first Tuesday in secretariat located in Insect Taxonomy Research Department of Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection. In addition to these periodical meetings, the annual public meetings convene in September for reading the annual reports.

In addition to the Board of Directors (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer), there are 5 representatives of entomological sciences in official board including members of general entomology, agricultural entomology, medical entomology, forest and rangeland entomology and pesticide sciences.


Pioneer Entomologists and foundres of ESI


   Falahat 1308
   Farahbakhsh2  Mirza2  Afshar  esmaeili3  Radjabi2

Eng. Gh. Farahbakhsh


Eng. H. Mirzayans


Hon. J. Afshar 


Dr M. Esmaeili


Dr. Gh. Radjabi


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